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Have you ever lost an argument with an inanimate object while you were drunk? Yes? Well, congratulations, you’ve found the ezine to nurture that hobby-addiction-passion! I truly believe punk ezines heal the soul with that right mix of toilet-bobbing humour mixed with music reviews mixed with random links to philosophy sites. But in this case, I’m confused as to whether ChickenFishSpeaks is a punk ezine or just a drinking one. Most of the articles on the site feature stories on drinking, the effects of drinking, the stages of drinking, and so on. But this ezine is packed, leaving the drinking as a solid base in the belly of the site. Music is the focus here, loading up with hundreds of album reviews sorted alphabetically. DVD’s, concerts, books and zines are also on the review list providing more than enough chum for the die-hard music fan to wade through on a lazy afternoon. Even an interview section is included, featuring performance artists, animators, bands and even Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson. For the most part the interviews are long, in-depth and orchestrated by someone who actually knows and listens to the music of the person they’re interviewing. It’s kinda nice when the awkward air between interviewer and interviewee is relaxed to just seem like a conversation. From there a rather small photo section is included, as are some flash games and a nice list of links to kill more time once you’re done here. But if for some reason all this ezine goodness is just too much for you, I’ve found a simplified version for you at it’s a chicken and a fish, endlessly repeating. (James King)

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