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I spent the first half of this zine under the impression it was written by a female. Then, surprise, the writer identifies himself as male. Wow, that throws a boomerang into the interpretation (I admit embarrassedly). This zine is born from Lee’s diary, so you get the gist of the style (ahem, perzine). I like his ponderings on how this diary to zine retelling of things impacts his day-to-day carryings-on. “I found myself saying and doing things I wouldn’t normally have said or done for no other reason than to see the reaction I’d get. I started asking people questions just to hear what people might tell me. That’s the part of doing this thing that’s turned out to be the most fun. I often felt like I was on a covert mission to discover the lost origins of the commonplace events swirling around me.” And with friends who have names like Crup, Dink, and Deli, the results of his science do dish out some entertaining tales. I think he could take it even further, push a little more for that human truth, if the people in his life haven’t caught on, that is. (heze douglas)

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