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I don’t know if I completely understand this zine, or if I’m supposed to. It’s spare and strange and…funny, I guess? Something else? Here, listen to this and see what you think: the first section is pretty and sets you up for a well-done, black-andwhite, pen-and-ink sketchbook kind of thing. It’s only five pages long, and consists of simple line drawings of four musicians (all of them pretty tame, except for Marky Mark, whose pants are unzipped) and Roseanne Barr. That’s it. The second section works sort of along the same lines; incredibly well-drawn, realistic pictures of (exclusively male) musicians. The difference between this and the first section, though, is that all these drawings show the musicians completely nude, posed provocatively. This section is by turns unsettling and fantastic, and I’m sure your enjoyment of it has a lot to do with how many faces you recognize immediately. I loved the picture of a young Jonathan Richman smiling and dancing around like he hasn’t got a care in the world, but, conversely, I still haven’t quite recovered from the image of Merle Haggard touching himself (ahem) down there. A sight I probably would have been happier without ever having seen. Or maybe not. The reaction I had to these drawings is a testament to how good they are. I doubt Anely (or maybe Andy, the writing is hard to read) has ever seen any of these people naked, but she’s rendered their faces so convincingly and done such careful figure drawing that these images are probably pretty close to the real thing. (Emma Healey)

zine, Nadia Foerster and Anely Darling,,

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