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If only for the Great Lake Swimmers’ surprisingly upbeat instant classic See You on the Moon (the title track, natch), this compilation of indie rockers doing it for the kids is worth your cold hard cash money. It is also about the only track that passes muster with the toddler in my house. The other songs are more likely to please and placate (as all good kids’ music should) the inner child in each of us. Low’s Alan Sparhawk sings to the inner child with lice. Sufjan Stevens sings to the inner child Jesus freak. And the Fembots sing to your inner child if you happen to be Tom Waits. I’m not sure if people make mix tapes anymore (or just download entire iTunes libraries for their current crushes), but those of us who still have the technology will exploit this CD for many a great segue. Plus, for those of us with kids, it provides an excuse to listen to Broken Social Scene. As for the rest of you, take it as an opportunity to listen to a tasty new Glissandro 70 track. Lucky you. (Terence Dick)

CD, Paperbag, 455 Spadina Ave., Suite 306, Toronto, ON, M5S 3G8,

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