Back From New York

Back From New York

By Ryan Ringer

I’m back from yet another NYC Roadtrip – deeply inspired and stoked to get back to my little Toronto grindstone. And I must say, this New York adventure – not unlike the other ones, by the way – was truly a transformative experience, a real life-changer – a personal revival even – in large part due to the amazingly adventurous, giving spirit and steadfast dedication of the brave crew behind the project: Jeanetta Dunn, Karol Orzechowski and Alex Bowron.

You see, leading a busload of people into the cultural chaos of New York for five days of organized mayhem – all the while facilitating a fun, creative, inclusive, community-focused environment for all – is not an easy task. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of fun. It’s exciting. And it’s got major rewards (albeit not of the monetary kind). But, as I said, it ain’t easy. It takes nearly two months of preparation – promotion, research, planning – not to mention the five days we’re in New York, leading tours and activities, always being on for 30+ people. It’s hardcore volunteer hours and a major commitment. It takes a special kind of person to drive this artform – a genuine, fearless, fun-loving team player who stops at nothing to accomplish the mission-at-hand. They really care about each other, they share the creative vision of the project and they always put their best foot forward.

So here’s to the crew. They are professionals. They are stellar individuals. They are my friends. Without them, there would be no project.  Without the project, so many people wouldn’t experience the magical form that is NYC Roadtrip.

March 8, 2010