Broken Pencil 20th Anniversary Party


Broken Pencil was born in 1995, twenty years ago. We’re having a party to celebrate.

It will feature:

Reverse Fortune-Telling: Our seer Alicia Grant predicts what you were like in the 90s.

Advice from Teens: The Young Mammals of the Mammalian Diving Reflex art group will help you with your problems, whatever they may be.

Embarrassing High School Zines Some People Wrote When They Were Young: A few short hilarious readings by Robert Dayton, Jonathan Culp and Liz Worth.

Zine Making: Help us create a Giant Anniversary Zine.

Crowd Karaoke: Yes, we will sing the hits of the 90s together!

The party will be held at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto. Doors will open at 8pm and the general program of activities will commence at 9pm.

At the door, it will cost $5 to get in to this amazing event. This includes a copy of the summer 20th anniversary issue. Or you can pay $10 and a get a one year/4 issue subscription starting with the 20th anniversary issue.

Advance Tickets!

Click on your deal of choice to buy a ticket in advance, ensure admittance and get extra awesome stuff!

The $10 Dollar Ticket Deal – you get admission to the party plus a 1 year/4 issue subscription to Broken Pencil plus a book by BP founder Hal Niedzviecki. (There will be 4 titles to chose from- The Program, a novel, The Big Book of Pop Culture: A How-to Guide for Young Artists, Lurvy, a collage novel, and Smell It, short stories.) 

The $5 Dollar Ticket Deal – you get admission to the party plus chose from an array of specially selected back issues including such classic BP issues as #1, #50 and even a few rare copies of our early music issue featuring a punk rock beaver and an inserted flexi-disc.

The $20 Can’t Make the Party But Still Love BP Deal – can’t make it to our celebration? We feel for you and we share your pain. For you, there is an amazing deal – you get a two year subscription to the magazine plus a 2 year subscription to our full color digital issue for tablets, phones and desktop!

*note: if you are already one of our beloved subscribers you can give the new subscription as a gift or choose to have your subscription extended with extra issues!

308A316E-75B1-40E6-9440-3D18FE12E5C3[8]-1With special thanks to our event sponsor the Gladstone Hotel for their generous support.


n July 23rd, we’ll be celebrating twenty years of being us
at The Gladstone Hotel. 

Hits of 1995!

Reverse Tarot: Who were you then?

Crowd Karaoke!

Advice from teens!

Embarrassing high school zines!

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