Call for Submissions: 1000 Ways Forward With ‘Red River Creatives Collective’

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Red River Creatives Collective


About: The red river creatives collective (RRCC) is a community-driven, long-term organizing space focused on prioritizing and uplifting disenfranchised voices, and creating solidarity among creatives.

Through both print and online publication of The Northern Mirror we strive to create a platform for experimental and under-represented artists in all disciplines (visual art, film, music, writing, etc.), as well as a way to disseminate information regarding community resources, and cultural and educational opportunities.

“As we prepare to move into a new season, and we meditate on the summer (and inevitably compare it to the summer of 2020), we must also consider what’s next. As a society, we seem to be ever building. An imperialistic mindset, always looking for the next thing to conquer. Whether or not that can continue, and how, and on what basis is key. There are 1000 Ways Forward to navigate into the next phase of our existence, which path will you take?

This theme is meant to be an inspirational guide with which you may base your submission on. It is not meant to be a concrete thing to limit your work. You’re free to interpret the theme and incorporate it into your work at your own discretion.”



We don’t like a lot of rules, but we do have some guidelines that will make this process a little more streamlined and easier for us to pull together. We do not wish to reject a submission based on errors in grammar or punctuation, so long as a point is being made. Doing so would go against our mission to overthrow imperialistic notions and institutional standards. That said, we also currently do not have an excess of time to allocate towards policing grammar and mechanics, so it’s mostly on you to be your own editor.

Racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, ableist, or other works targeting specific groups of people will not be accepted. We understand artistic freedom and respect groups’ rights to reclaim and repurpose words that have been meant to hurt and oppress them, but bigotry will not be admissible.

Lastly! Feel free to send us information (flyers & write ups) regarding community events, educational opportunities, or other local happenings of interest.



Visual art/images: our print pages are 5.5 in width x 8.5 in height, and currently not in color. Keep this in mind as you make your submissions.

  • Please limit to no more than four-six smaller images, or no more than two – 7 x 11.25 in (or roughly 1400 x 2300px), preferably in .jpeg format.
  • If you have trouble resizing/reformatting images, please reach out to us. A good, free, online image editor to use is:
  • If submitting multiple files, it is extremely helpful if you name your files with the image title and your name,
    (ex: BigSky_JoeSchmitty.jpg – or some variation of that).

Written submissions: .docx or google docs preferred. Please limit to no more than 3500 words for fiction and no more than 4 poems. We also accept nonfiction and articles of higher word counts on a case-by-case basis.

Video & audio submissions: provide links to your work (Vimeo, Youtube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc.).
Please include video stills, album covers, etc. (see image guidelines), and a short write up discussing the project.

Please submit through Google Forms – HERE.


Deadline: Submit by August 31, 2021 (midnight) using this form

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email [email protected]