Call for Submissions: Intersection of Fat Trans/Non-Binary People

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About: Transvestia is a Bay Area local zine sourcing stories and readers from all over the world. Working towards proper transgender representation and education in media. The goal is to increase proper representation of trans folks in media and to give them their own voices and a platform to share their experiences. Through this, their other goal is to increase education and knowledge about the trans community to isolated trans people, young trans people, and cis people who want or need to learn more. Personal stories are the most effective way of increasing understanding.

Submissions: Transvestia is looking for submissions for their 13th Issue of Transvestia, “Trans Fat, Good Fat” which will be focusing on the intersection of experiences of fat trans/nb people! Transvestia is ONLY looking for submissions from fat trans/nb people.

Transvestia accepts art, writing, music, poetry, even videos! Please DM them on Facebook if interested in contributing — the deadline is January 20, 2021.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Submit to [email protected] and/or DM on their Facebook page by January 20, 2021.