Call for Submissions: Stories from Freaks and Faggots for ‘Crooked’

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About: Crooked Fagazine is an independent print magazine for shameless confessional storytelling, written by and for gaylords, bad lovers, degenerates, and tattle-talers. Spit your venom! Spill your guts!

Submissions: Crooked is seeking shameless stories from freaks and faggots for its 9th issue!

Crooked Fagazine is a disreputable creative writing journal for confessional storytelling, written by and for gaylords, bad lovers, degenerates and tattle-talers. It’s a home for rejects of the cautious and tasteful literary world, a cabal of perverts and trouble-makers. If your writing is too obscene to be published elsewhere, we want to hear from you!

Us loose fags have a loose definition of what it takes to be a gaylord, so anyone with limp wrists is welcome to submit a story. If you’re not a textual exhibitionist, Crooked also invites visual artists to arouse our insatiable voyeurism.

There is unfortunately very little money to be made in peddling profane literature. However, contributors will receive either $25 CDN or copies of the upcoming issue, not to mention the respect and admiration of Crooked’s depraved readership.

Some of you may have noticed that Crooked is giving readers blue balls by taking forever to get its shit together with new issues so don’t miss this opportunity to submit! Feel free to get in touch with questions, or to flesh out your ideas and propose stories, etc.  To get a sense for the style of work Crooked publishes, check out the Instagram account, or better yet, buy a copy.

Finally, please share this call for submissions with anyone you think might be gruesome and offensive enough to be interested.

Spit your venom! Spill your guts!

• Recommended length is under 4000 words
• Submit your work in a Word document to [email protected]
• You may publish your work under a pseudonym
• For visual art, send high-res JPGs in B&W

Pay: N/A

Deadline: Submit to Jordan Coulombe [email protected] by April 30, 2021.