Call for Submissions: Sweet and Deadly for ‘Pocket Baby Zine’

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Pocket Baby Zine

About: Pocket Baby is a bite-sized Meanjin / Brisbane-based zine: a mish-mash collaboration of all things fun and artistic. The zine aims to assemble creative pieces from a variety of sources – prose, poetry, photography, art etc; although, since the zine is made by pixie faerie magic, bear in mind that it’s restricted to A6 size (roughly 105 X 148mm).

Submissions: The theme of Issue Two is ‘sweet & deadly’. What do these words invoke separately, and how does that meaning change when placed together?

Submissions are on a volunteer basis as the zine is non-profit; however, both electronic and physical copies will be available for any issues you participate in. Submissions are open for the whole month of October and multiple submissions are welcome; however, please submit different works in separate forms.

For large files or sets of 5+ images or any other upload issues, please email [email protected] with your name and title of work.

Submit your work using this FORM

Pay: N/A

Deadline: Submit HERE by October 31, 2021