Accessibility and Canzine values

Canzine is a public event with free admission. It occurs in libraries, galleries, and other welcoming spaces and all kinds of people come! People from all walks of life and corners of society come to our space — that’s part of what makes it such a special event. It also means we have to take care to make sure everyone is safe and included.

Check out our values statement below before coming, and reach out to [email protected] if we can help with any potential barriers or concerns!

Anti-Harassment, Anti-Oppression,
Accessibility and Values

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At all of our Canzine festivals, we acknowledge that we gather on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples and nations, and as such benefit from the horrifying, ongoing project of settler colonialism. Thus we are invested in honouring the traditional ownership of this land, learning about the treaties that govern the spaces we hold events, and supporting Indigenous leadership presently and in the future.

We aspire for Canzine to be a safer and inclusive event that makes room for the unique lived experiences of exhibitors, staff, volunteers and visitors. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind at Canzine such as unwanted advances, intimidation, discrimination, taunts/threats, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, stealing damaging people’s stuff. Anyone engaging in this behaviour will be escorted out.

We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other forms or acts of oppression at Canzine. Anyone engaging in discriminatory conduct is unwelcome at the festival and will be escorted out.

If at any time you witness or experience something that goes against these values or makes you uncomfortable in any way, please find a Canzine staff member (look for the name tags). You can also reach out to [email protected], editor@ (Jonathan) and [email protected] (Anisa).

Our programming aspires to prioritize the work, wisdom, and autonomy of people living on the margins in zine culture, the arts, and beyond. We want to counter historical imbalances in the zine scene especially.

We celebrate the critical importance of BIPOC, 2S/queer/trans+, disabled, feminist and anti-capitalist zine creators throughout zine history.

Our aim is to make Canzine accessible to people with disabilities and anyone facing a barrier to join in. All Canzine venues are have wheelchair accessible entrances and washrooms. If you need accommodations, please reach out.

All are welcome to send thoughts, critiques, questions, ideas, suggestions to [email protected]