Canzine Ottawa Events

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Sunday, November 6th at the Ottawa Art Gallery

11 am - 6 pm
50 Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa

This year’s Canzine is set to be the event to-end-all events. We have an incredible lineup of speakers, artists, and zinesters at both Toronto and Ottawa Canzine. Get hyped!

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Letraset yourself free! Dry transfer drop-in with Jonathan Valelly

OAG Studio (1st floor) from 12 – 1:30 pm

Long before layout software and vector art shaped the way we thought about composing a page, rub-down transfers like Letraset were a staple in zinesters toolkit! Lettering sheets offered creators of every level a practical way to add high-quality lettering to their masters in any arrangement you could imagine. Join aging zinester and Letraset addict Jonathan Valelly for a hands-on, drop-in style workshop where we’ll dust off this throwback technology and break the rules of modern type. 

Jonathan Valelly has been making zines for more than 15 years and remains a steadfast enthusiast of analog media. His creative practice and activism take up issues of queer health and autonomy, harm reduction and cruising. 

Sex, Anarchism and the Apocalypse: A Hidden History of Zines and Chaos Magick – Hosted by Gareth Sansom

OAG Studio (1st floor) from 2 – 3 pm 

Are you interested in the occult, tarot, and sex magic? Do you love zines and their anarchist roots? 

The broad history of zines from the 1930s Sci-fi Clubs through the Punk and Riot Grrl periods to the post-Internet rebirth is well known.  The history of chaos magick from its roots in Austin Osman Spare through its official incarnation with the Illuminates of Thanateros (coinciding with UK Punk) is understood by some occultists and academic specialists – although misconceptions and downright lies proliferate in cyberspace. Yet the two lines of flight are not mere parallels: they intersect and intertwine in the most surprising and intimate manner. This may be one of the first talks to reveal these curious connections that have been occurring for almost a century.

Gareth has been delving into (and intermittently practicing) various Western occult arts for more than three decades. Gareth first became involved with zines through the VHS horror trading scene in the late 1980s to early 1990s. At Canzine Ottawa, under his label Phantasmikon, Gareth will be premiering the first in a series of chaos magick-cyberpunk zines with “The Lemurian Necronomicon”.

Intro to Screenprinting – come make a custom print! 

SAW Gallery from 3:30 – 5 pm 

Join the SAW gallery team in the Nordic Lab’s Printmaking Studio for an intro to screenprinting workshop! You’ll learn how to make prints, the history of screenprinting, including how it relates to protest culture and the community. Paper will be provided or purchase a Broken Pencil tote bag and customize it!