Canzine Vendor Spotlight: Agnes Wong of Big Rat Press!

Canzine 2023 is only days away! We’re counting down to the biggest zine event of the year with spotlights on some of the vendors, zinesters and artists in attendance. Kicking things off, meet Agnes Wong of Big Rat Press, who chronicle an oddly familiar mouse.

So Agnes, what’s going to be on your table at Canzine?

Our latest zine- Mick’s Spiralling and Enigmatic Mystery alongside some ‘Mickers’ and various other products from Big Rat Press.

What’s the “vibe?”

We are bringing a spiraling, enigmatically mysterious vibe to Canzine this year – this is for you if you are also a dripped out rodent with over 30 likes on your fit pics.

Okay so give us the pitch! Why should we pick up your zine at the fest?

Mick’s Spiralling and Enigmatic Mystery includes over 30 pages of 4-colour risograph printed original artwork. It was truly a hugely collaborative effort and could only be made possible thanks to Colour Code Printing and OCAD University’s generous sponsorship and mentorship.

Find Agnes and her crew at the Canzine Festival of Zines and Underground Press this Sunday, October 22nd in Toronto at the Cecil Community Centre from 10AM – 5PM. You can find out more information about vendors and programming at our official Canzine hub.

With thanks to our amazing Canzine sponsors: Seneca Polytechnic and Drawn Together!