Canzine Vendor Spotlight: Blaise Moritz

Canzine 2023 is only days away! We’re counting down to the biggest zine event of the year with spotlights on some of the vendors, zinesters and artists in attendance. For this edition, meet Blaise Moritz, a Toronto-based comic and zine maker.

Currently, Blaise is working on a series about critiquing labour, but he loves to experiment with different styles, themes, and narratives. He does most of his production and printing himself. Blaise is excited for visitors to see a variety of zine events all under one roof.

“Zines are all about sharing your story and getting involved with a medium that is accessible to everyone and can be a vehicle for all kinds of expression,” says Moritz. “Family zine-making, a positive and expansive take on sex zines, poetry (comics) how-to with a nod to Al Jaffee and ghost stories! It can and should all go together and it’s cool that Canzine is a space where it does.”

Blaise will be debuting his brand new zine at the fest, Being Superhuman. He’ll also be selling Bar Delicious; a book from Conundrum Press that contains a series by Blaise about consumption and desire.

Find Blaise at the Canzine Festival of Zines and Underground Press this Sunday, October 22nd in Toronto at the Cecil Community Centre from 10AM – 5PM. You can find out more information about vendors and programming at our official Canzine hub.

With thanks to our amazing Canzine sponsors: Seneca Polytechnic and Drawn Together!