Canzine Vendor Spotlight: Indiepocalypse

Canzine 2023 is only days away! We’re counting down to the biggest zine event of the year with spotlights on some of the vendors, zinesters and artists in attendance. For this edition, meet Indiepocalypse!

Indiepocalypse is a monthly curated zine of alternative, underground, and experimental games highlighting the breadth of what games can be as a medium,” says creator Andrew Baillie. “Presented as both a digital collection and physical zine, Indiepocalypse is a little peek (and great entry point) to the indie game diy space.”

Andrew describes himself as the founder, organizer, and generally most everything else for the alternative game anthology/zine. He generally flits around fascinations with different niches within art always looking to satiate unpredictable cravings.

Find Indiepocalypse at the Canzine Festival of Zines and Underground Press this Sunday, October 22nd in Toronto at the Cecil Community Centre from 10AM – 5PM. You can find out more information about vendors and programming at our official Canzine hub.

With thanks to our amazing Canzine sponsors: Seneca Polytechnic and Drawn Together!