Burning down the house: Rufus meets Dan

Introduction Despite an intense campaign by local queer business groups, Vancouver is still a repressed and prohibition-minded town. The few […]

An Unlikely Bard

If this were played on a stage now,/I could condemn it as an improbable fiction. -William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night Stratford […]

Thug Life

Trying to find a copy of Michael V. Smith and David Ellingsen’s experimental work Body of Text in any typical […]

Demons in the Spring

I want to marry this book. All the stories in it are unbelievably heartbreaking and astoundingly beautiful. “An Apple Could […]

Saudade: The Possibilities of Place

Saudade: The Possibilities of Place is a collection of fascinating stories of Anik See’s travels across the world. Her style, […]


This is Dave Sim’s first major project since the end of Cerebus, which was the longest-running independent comic book series […]

My Life as a Foot

Richard Suicide’s work wreaks havoc on my calm little life. His abject and frank visions are technically a social commentary […]

BFF – Brain Fag Forever!

Nate Beatty’s BFF serves as a best-of collection of his Portland based perzine/comic Brain Fag, spanning 1999to 2007. Beatty’s short […]