The Fishermen and the Goose

By Patrick Horner Indie Writers’ Deathmatch 2010 Semi-Finalist Harold wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his t-shirt […]


By Amy Dupcak Indie Writers’ Deathmatch 2010 Semi-Finalist I never told anybody, but under the stage are four “rooms.” Without walls […]

Three Dudes, Some Drugs, and a Bear

By Jordan Abel Indie Writers’ Deathmatch 2010 Runner-Up By the time the acid took hold, we were halfway to Edmonton. Tommy […]

Texas Bound by J Jack Unrau

fiction: Texas Bound By J Jack Unrau The second thing I saw when I woke up was David Lynch holding […]

Fiction: Heartbreak for Dummies

Fiction: Heartbreak for Dummies What to Expect When You’re Rejected By Ashley Little The first month will be the most difficult […]

Fiction: Yes Man

Fiction: Yes Man By Charlie Anders Juan put a Flintstones toothbrush up his ass in the parking lot behind the Westview […]

Fiction: Band Names

Fiction: Band Names By Tor Lukasik-Foss Gord walked out of the grocery store, felt the wind in his hair, pulled his […]