Issue 101

Folio: Hannah Epstein on Rug Hooking and Art Churches

Folio asks artists and curators to gather works made with unexpected materials and adapt them for the printed page. In this issue we speak with Hannah Epstein, whose rug-hooking manifests the madness of the digital world into fiber.

404: VICE Not Found

As digital media burns, can independent media restore faith in reporting in the already unbelievable technology beat? Former Motherboard staffers are hoping to cover the future before the future consumes us whole.

Remembering Ian Ferrier

By the sound of Ian’s voice, we were drawn into inclusion. It could reach a boom-level in his most explosive poetry, but as the beloved host of countless Words and Music shows, and not only those, his voice kept a signature hushed tone as though inviting us closer to the wonderful artist he’d invite to the stage.