Music Review

Shotgun Jimmie, Transistor Sister

Remember the rise of East Coast 1990s bands, like Thrush Hermit and Eric’s Trip? Then you’ve got a pretty fair […]

Doctor Ew

Doctor Ew, also known as Drew Smith of the Toronto band The Bicycles, has produced one delightfully depressive 30-minute debut […]

Lady Lazarus, Mantic

Lady Lazarus knows the power of minimalist beauty.  The one-woman band consists of nothing more than Savannah, Georgia musician Melissa […]

12 Stones, Anthem for the Underdog

Apparently, this hot plate is dedicated to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Can they give back a dedication? Because this […]

Famines – 14 July, 2008

music review: Famines – 14 July, 2008 When this album showed up in the office it was nicely wrapped, like […]

Ron Hawkins – 10 Kinds of Lonely

This series of interrelated songs sketches an evocative portrait of small town loneliness. “Whay does your sweet heart stutter?/Why are […]

Woodhands – Remorsecapade

At the beginning of one of the tracks on this new offering from Toronto duo Woodhands, a repeated and failed […]