Zine Review

Flatland: The Launch

This is like The Wind in the Willows meets Sunday newspaper cartoons. Jardine’s dry sense of humour is exactly what […]

Entropy – good neighbours

Entropy #1 blew my fucking mind–it was a beautiful, complex comic. Returning to Costain’s work with this edition, I’m less […]

Misunderstandings Magazine

zine review: Misunderstandings Magazine Volume 11 of Misunderstandings Magazine has a lovely aesthetic. It falls somewhere between the earnestness and […]


zine review: Grit I’m gonna get my bias out in the open right off the bat. I get bummed out […]


zine review: Iceland Iceland is a story that’s especially poignant because of the current economic trouble plastering every newspaper and […]

Attack!!! 10

zine review: Attack!!! 10 Attack!!! 10 is composed entirely of writing and art written in response to a piece of […]


zine review: Toxic What we have here are some lovely sketches of Britney Spears, each with well-chosen captions that serve […]

Snow #2

zine review: Snow #2 This is episode two of Snow, a comic by Torontonian Benjamin Rivers. Though I never read […]

Funny Forest

zine review: Funny Forest Funny Forest is the kind of adorable comic I would read in my Grandmother’s sunroom when […]

Entropy, Part Three

zine review: Entropy, Part Three After reading the awesome review of Part 2 of Entropy, I was hooked and had […]

Dirty Beast #1

zine review: Dirty Beast #1 I imagine writing a subversive comic is tricky. Ideally, you’re going for that whip-smart commentator […]