Zine Review

Take me to Hell

zine review: Take me to Hell Yien Yip’s Take Me to Hell is a brief but artfully drawn comic that […]

The Chubby Bounty Hunter Book 4

zine review: The Chubby Bounty Hunter Book 4 A more recent effort from Adam Thompson, whose other zine I’ve also […]

Pizza World News

The first draft of this review said “For some reason I got two copies of this zine. Do you want […]

The Gmo Zoo

This is a neat minicomic about a mammal in a zoo that is allergic to it’s own skin, the adventures […]


Michael DeForge’s inspired massacre of the human form populates these gloriously revolting 16 pages of “gags.” His work drips like […]

First Impressions (Colour Me In)

This is a cute little quarter-page zine with drawings on every page. Lori Hutchinson is clearly a talented artist — […]

The Day After V-Day

I’m always surprised to get full colour comics to review. What a printing cost nightmare! But some people do it […]

Book Comic

Short, funny, well-drawn and relatable. A few weeks ago a guy I had been to elementary school with saw me […]

Book Art

Book Art is just that — visual art that’s been painted, drawn and/or glued on to the pages of an […]

Are You Man Enough?

This minicomic comes with a MOUSTACHE glued to the cardstock cover. Need I say more? (Samantha Trees) Comic, Phil McAndrew, […]

Writer’s Ink 4

Fuck, I wish my high school had let us do stuff like this for class. Apparently Writer’s Ink is produced […]

Subliminal White Trash: New Writings

I feel like I can’t generalize about Kevin Pearce’s writing based on this zine for two reasons. The first is […]