Zine Distros

Welcome to our collection of zine distros from all over the world. If you know of an active zine distro that should be on our list, email [email protected]


780 Distro (Edmonton) – Edmonton based zine machines selling zines, buttons, stickers, patches, and other DIY creations. (Facebook)

Distroboto (Montreal) – The Distroboto project is a zine vending machine project based out of Montreal, Quebec. For the $2, artists and zinesters can have their work sold in Distroboto machines. Zines sold are art focused. (Facebook)

Femme Crimes Distro (Montreal) – Distributing illustrated zines, comics, and self-published art books created by queer and feminist artists. (Facebook)

Fight Boredom (Montreal) – Material includes queer zines, feminist zines, tales of small towns, adventures, gardening, community-building, activism, body positivity and tattoos. Both English and French. (Facebook)

Great Worm Express Distribution (Toronto) – A zine distro of 10 years carrying all types of zines. (Facebook)

Look Mum! Distro (Guelph) – Carries a variety of zines including perzines, art zines, queer zines, sex zines, and anarchist zines.

twelveohtwo zine distro (Toronto) – Focuses on radical zines as well as other crafty items made with D.I.Y. love. (Facebook)

Wheel House (Toronto) – A supportive resource and art distro for the marginalized. (Facebook)

YYZine Distro (Toronto) – An emerging enterprise supporting the DIY community by making zines and self-published works more accessible. (Facebook)


Wasted Ink Zine Distro (Tempe) – Carrying 250 titles from zinesters in Arizona. (Facebook)

AK Press (Oakland) – Mostly dedicated to radical books and anarchist zines. (Facebook)

Darcy Crash Distro (Los Angeles) – A pop-up distro curated by Darcy Crash, organizer of Zine Queens. (Facebook)

Last Gasp (San Francisco) – Focuses on underground comics, graphic novels, subversive literature and tattoo and art books. (Facebook)

Queer Anxiety Babiez Distro (San Francisco Bay) – Specializing in queer-made zines. (Facebook)

A Resistance Army Zine Distro (Los Angeles) – Mostly Spanish and English political zines.

The Grand Newsstand (San Francisco) – A modern newsstand stocked primarily with local publications, zines, art, music, poetry, and DIY. (Facebook)

Radiator Comics (Chicago) – Distributes, Produces, and promotes small press, zines and self-published comics. (Facebook)

Stranger Danger Zine Distro (Chicago) — Zine distro focusing on feminist, queer and trans zines. (Facebook)

Roach Motel (Ames) – Selling zines, small press, and indie music. (Facebook)

Pioneers Press (Lansing) — Publishing house and small-press distro “focusing on survival and sustainability from the farm to the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, and a cruelty-free lifestyle”. (Facebook)

Flywheel Arts Collective (Easthampton) – A distro where “creativity is valued over profit.” (Facebook)

New Jersey
NO SHAME Distro (New Brunswick) – A distro interested in promoting zine writers and artists of colour. (Facebook)

Doris Press and Horsey Girl Music (Athens) – Mostly perzines and zines that are informed by feminism or queer politics.

McMicken FreeSpace (Cincinnati) – A non-profit, volunteer-run community space and zine distro.

Antiquated Future (Portland) – Main focus is distributing artists, zinesters and small record labels from Portland and beyond. (Facebook)

Microcosm Publishing (Portland) – Zine publisher and distro. (Facebook)

Portland Button Works (Portland) – Selling zines, comics, buttons, magnets, and bottle openers. (Facebook)

Wyrd Sisters Distro (Portland) – A zine distro and record label focused on neurodiverse and disabled artists.

Flyover Zine Disro (Houston) – Archives, sells, and publishes anti-authoritarian, queer, and POC zines often focused on the U.S. South. (Facebook)

Poopsheet Shop (Bedford) – Specializing in mini-comics, art zines, fanzines and underground comix.

Brown Recluse Zine Distro (Seattle) – Focusing primarily on distributing zines by people of colour. (Facebook)

Mend My Dress Press (Tacoma) — A grrrl run small press and zine distro that often publishes books that collect together back issues of zines. (Facebook)

Sweet Candy Distro and Press (Washington, DC) – Carries zines of all genres. (Facebook)


Aunty Mabel’s Zine Distro (Perth) – A place for zines of every kind. (Facebook)

Smells Like Zines Distro (Toowoomba) – Selling a diverse range of DIY publications. (Facebook)

Sticky Institute (Melbourne) – Zine resource centre selling zines and offering a space for zinesters to make their own zine that includes a photocopier, guillotine, long arm staplers, badge machine, and typewriter pool. (Facebook)

Take Care Zine Distro (Enmore) – Selling zines of all sorts from Australia and sometimes from around the world. (Facebook)

Eskaramuza DIY Distro (Curico) – Chilian distro for DIY and zines.

Heavy Metal Zine Distro (Berlin) – A zine distributor specializing in queer and feminist zines. (Facebook)

Papiercafe (Kassel) – A showroom for self-published work and zines from students. (Facebook)

Mount Zine (Toky0) – Japanese zine distro. (Facebook)

New Zealand
Black Star Books Otepoti (Dunedin) – Social centre, infoshop, archive, and distro with a wide array of DIY books and zines. (Facebook)

Sandwich Mixto (Madrid) – Distro selling Spanish zines. (Facebook)

Pen Fight (Manchester) – A zine and DIY art distro focused on work created by women, non-binary, working class, LBGTQ+, or disabled people. (Facebook)

Synhronise Witches Press and Distro (Manchester) – A distro and small press in Manchester, UK specializing in US zines and experimental writing by women. (Facebook)

Vampire Sushi Distro (Chatham) – Sells perzines, queer zines, feminist zines, art zines, and more! (Facebook)