Information To Include In Your Own Post-Roe Infozine

It’s key that we build strong, autonomous local networks to support patients including secure treatment pathways in advance of any abortion bans. What can a zine include to advance that goal?

1: What exists already. 

Figure out how people in your area are getting abortions now. (US readers can visit to find their closest clinics.) Figure out where they go or what they do when that’s not suitable. Strengthening our existing channels and resources is critical to survival.

2: State laws today and tomorrow.

Would someone have to leave your state to seek care? Or will patients cross state lines to get help where you are? Does your state have a “Roe trigger” law that will go into effect after the Supreme Court rules? What is the latest gestation one can get an abortion in your state now? What about after?

3. Expenses and coverage.

How do people pay for procedures in your state now? Does Medicaid cover it? Are private insurance companies required to cover it? Are there abortion funds and travel support funds working in your area? (US readers can visit

4. Treatment access.

What are the abortion medication by mail options one can access? Visit if you’re in the United States, or if you are elsewhere.