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While a testament to their relationship A Wake in the Undertow is mildly forgettable
Songs for a Lost Pod are is richly creative and thought-provoking
See past the nude form in Mechanics of a Gaze
#IndianLovePoems reveals the messy, the intimate and the real
Inclusivity is what underscores Living in the Tall Grass poetry book
Dreams in Thin Air isn’t your average sports drama
Dazzle Ships poetry has funny bits and insightful–and we’re here for both
The Collected Arn Saba’s Neil the Horse shows off the diversity of Katherine Collins
Cruise Missile Liberals poetry book sketches out the picture of liberalism in the modern world
Catboy is extraordinary is many, many, ways!
The Greatest Stories Ever Told has a really great premise
Sarah Dowling’s zine Entering Sappho is a love poem
Wrestling with Colonialism on Steroids contextualizes and broadens our understanding
The Case of the Missing Men has something for everyone!
Mind & Muscle: 12 Incredible Women From History is the talk about zine you should be talking about
There is no comic quite like Läskimooses
Tumultuous Times 1: Anger is eyebrow raising
Picking Stuff Apart zine exists because it can (and why the hell wouldn’t it)
First Person Singular teeters on the line of tranquility and melodrama
Koogmo #10 can give you some travel pointers
Kawai’s Dead Intellectuals Hot List is beyond retro
The Hometowns anthology is universal
The Bosun Chair offers something tender and intimate
Head Fanzine #2 is an an “assemblage of mid-late 20th century underground loser culture”
Take a look at Happy Tapir #3 zine if you’ve been cursed with a recurring dream
Ellis and Tannahill’s ‘The Videofag Book’ documents the extraordinary Toronto landmark
Horticultural Counterpowers #2 zine simplifies urban gentrification
obscuritysquared zine may not be down to earth, but still offers a sense of sucess
Lain and Jess offers enough magic realism to keep you captivated
The Tide chapbook is hypnotic
Kudos to espresso and the Cold House zine
The Augur: Preview Issue Zine’s execution falls flat
Swampcone Magazine #1 allows each artist to explore there own meaning
Andre Ethier’s ‘Under Grape Leaves’ leaves you with a sense pure calm
We Don’t Want Your Candy comic zine is not only bilungual, but relatable all around the world
Fridays At Three zine is sweet, honest, smart, and well executed
Take a look at Monty Cantsin’s Psyborg Neozine if you’re looking for a stimulating read
Steal Away Golden Calf fiction can be alternately defined as a thought experiment
Written by anonymous, Fragments perzine is dedicated to those with faith
Copies: in an Age of Network Culture zine explores the digital culture through the architectural lens
If you’re looking for an emotional remedy, read Queer Hex Breakup Magic zine
Anne Hood’s The Queens Tree’s zine is full of fun and terror
On Ok chapbook is an attempt to take negativity and re frame it
The universality of The Interior Life comic will take you on a ride
Magic Eye artzine upends the stylistic norms
All the Ugly Feels artzine shows the ubiquity of how stuff feels
Take a minute to listen to More or Les’ ‘Big Lunch in Little China’
Stare Down game zine combines fun with endurance and zines
Dive into How Do I Look?’s poetry to experience a life at odds
Lollypop Shoved Up My Ass’ Isabelle Guns is holding out on us
Nick Name zine is perfect to read with a buddy
Slow Twisting book is an enjoyable, quick read, but far from a succès de scandale
The Happy Loner #8 zine was missing something
Get an inside scoop on God’s Vagina zine


The Tsilhqot’in War
Edge Desert


Art Holes: Yuka Yamaguchi

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Take a look into Nickname zine

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Folio: The Artistry of Inuit Sealskin Sewing


Handbook for supporting queer students brings activist values to art school
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