???? Deathmatch story titles that piqued our interest

As Deathmatch entries fly in, some of the story titles have made us do a double take.

Here’s a list of some that piqued our interest.

(Disclaimer: Appearing on this list does not mean you’ve successfully made it into the Deathmatch.)

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the titles

The Galaxy Killed My Grandpa
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Vampire C-SPAN Debates: Do Mortals Deserve Healthcare?
Worcester, Massachusetts

How to Stay Addicted to Validation
Menlo Park, California

Caledon, Ontario

Chicken Man
San Francisco, California

A Story Not About Rudy
Boise, Idaho

Distrust and the Death Cloud: A Love Story of Little Hate Stories
Windsor, Ontario

The Watcherbeast
Toronto, Ontario

Jane the Plain
Novato, California

This Story is a Gun

Buffalo, New York

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away
Brooklyn, New York

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