BP Zine Awards 2020 List of Nominees

Congratulations to the zinesters nominated for the…

Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2020

Each of these zines is now a finalist as our group of guest judges dives into this incredible spread of self-published gems.

The pool of entries this year was especially strong. We had to make difficult decisions. Ultimately, the list aims to include a wide range of zines, each of which embodies, enhances or expands the possibilities of the world’s most powerful medium. These zines were seriously freakin’ good.

Note that we went rogue this year and busted through category walls to create create new (and better?) containers for the zines of now. As a result, the Compilation Zines and Micro-Journals categories have merged to become Group Zines and Collabs. We also added a category that we’ve long been missing — DIY and Infozines offering wisdom and how-tos. Lastly, some zines were nominated in a different category than was submitted after comparing and considering all of the entries. Switching things up like this may be unexpected, but we decided it was the fairest way to honour the different kinds of zines we received in their best light.

Our guest judges are doing a deep dive into these nominated zines over the next few weeks, all leading up to the BP Zine Awards Virtual Ceremony 2020 at Canzine this year on October 25th at 5pm EST. In the meantime, click through to get to know these amazing writers, artists, organizers and groups!

To every zinester who submitted (and every zinester that didn’t), thank you. As a community, our work is needed today and tomorrow, even more than it was yesterday. We see that you’re stepping up to this moment and buckling down to do your thing with the power of paper and ink. Awesome. Be in touch with us at [email protected] and keep up the good work.


Artzines Nominees


Jello Zine 
by Hannah Smith
Lexington, Kentucky


Queer Masses 
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Support Life: a *LIVE* Stream, frameRate(0) 
by frameRate(0)
Bellingham, Washington

Test Zine Please Ignore
by Wesley Aptekar-Cassels
Brooklyn, New York


Things Men Say To Me At Work
by Eva Dominelli 
Vancouver, British Columbia


Walks That Make You Feel Something
by Zoë Finkelstein
St. Louis, Missouri



by JB
Columbus, Ohio


Book of Common Birds 
by Mary Marge Locker (MML) and KOB

Brooklyn, New York


Man Made
by Peter Miles Begman (
Denver, Colorado


Restaurant Diaries
Natalie Mark

Toronto, Ontario

Snapshots from Grade 8
Rachel Schwartz Fagan
Toronto, Ontario


Zero Stars
by Jeni Larson
Minneapolis, Minnesota



 Laura K. Watson 
Sackville, New Brunswick


by Alex Kostiw

Chicago, Illinois


Let’s Call This Performance Piece ‘Public Grief’ 
by Courtney Cook 
Petaluma, California


Sienna Solstice
by Kate Hayashi, Rukan Saif, Lea Wang-Tomic & Stephanie Zhang 
Arcadia California


by Nicole Morning
Denver, Colorado


The Pillow of Your Dreams
 by Emil Wilson 
San Francisco, California



Does The Whale’s Magnitude Diminish? Will He Perish? 
by Sid Sharp
Toronto, Ontario


by Holly English
Byron Bay, Australia


Millennial Lesbian
by Ren Strapp
Portland, Oregon


The Monster Prepares for a Wedding
by Char (Charlotte Wiedmann)
Toronto, Ontario


Mr. Tech Bro Pageant 
by Katt Kelly
Toronto, Ontario


Restless Bones
by Shannon Reeves (Gytha Press)
Calgary, Alberta


Психатрёшки: or, The Soviet Union Never Fell 
Imas Esther
Fair Lawn, New Jersey


Complacency Kills
by Michaela Morgan and Stacey Toth
New York, New York


International Whores’ Day Zine 2020
by IWD NYC 2020 Coalition
New York, New York


Drawing Attention 
by Dikla Levinger
Berlin, Germany


Koreangry #8 
by Eunsoo Jeong (with guest Lindsey Adams)
Los Angeles, California


Undercover II – The power and the responsibility
by Georgianne Griffiths
Auckland, New Zealand


Asian American Feminist Antibodies: Care in the Time of Coronavirus
by the Asian American Feminist Collective and Bluestockings Bookstore
Brooklyn, New York




Magic Spaces #1
by Chris Strunk 
Boston, Massachusetts


Flowers Look Like Weeds
by Lina Wu 
Toronto, Ontario


Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This?
by Joshua James Amberson, Molly E. Simas, and M.L. Schepps (editors) 
Portland, Oregon


The L Word Alpha-bette
by CM
Toronto, Ontario


From My Island to Yours 
by Miles Davitt 
Wellington, New Zealand


Day Job: The Art of Shia LaBeouf 
by Mary Marge Locker (MML)
Brooklyn, New York



All the Quiet Places: a Sensory-Friendly Guide to a Sensory-Unfriendly World
by Brianna Minks
Austin, Texas


by Akhila Krishnan & Shreyas R Krishnan
University City, Missouri


American Dreams in a Chinese Takeout
by Katie Gee Salisbury
Brooklyn, New York

BANG: Masturbation Nation

by Vic Liu
Boulder, Colorado

Do You Have A Cervix?

by Tina Chu
Toronto, Ontario

“Let me know if there’s anything I can do…”

by Mick Moran 
Brooklyn, New York

What Happens When Artists F*** Up?
Betsy Kim
San Jose, California


Arts of Resistance

by Carolyn Chernoff
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Femme Art Review #1 

by Femme Art Review
London, Ontario

Keeping Six Quarterly #2.2

by Keeping Six collective (Editor Kelly Wolf)
Hamilton, Ontario

The Pandemic Post #3

by Lucy Andersen, Kate Andersen, and Dashiell Robb
Brooklyn, New York

Seagery Zine #3: That Side of Paradise

by Katrina Vera Wong
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Sunday Night Black & White # 8

by The Sunday Night Bombers
Burlington, Ontario

Toasted Stoat

by Miles Davitt (Edited with India Nicholls)
Wellington, New Zealand

Nudie Magazine #3

by Tanner McMullen and Jacqueline Jones
Aurora, Colorado