Broken Pencil Zine Awards Categories 2021

Personal zines, zines about their creators lives and thoughts. Text-heavy zines, zines led by the creator’s voice. Diary zines, personal reflections & essays, thought bubbles, life updates, mental health journaling, personal news, train of thought etc. Often staple-bound, pocket-size, serial, homemade zines. No comics here, sorry

Indie comic zines, DIY or one off comic magazines or projects, mini-comics, illustrated storytelling, underground & experimental comix, punk comics, cartooning, strips, comic jams, sequential visual texts, graphic storytelling 

Genre, film, TV, celebrity or subculture fanzines. Pop culture commentary, anime tributes, fanfic, concerts, reviews, punk scene, music history, record reviews, tour diaries, horror, sci-fi, criticism, fantasy, local scenes, anything music or entertainment focused

Info Zines & DIY
Zines full of facts, history, science, culture, data, traditions, knowledge drops, documentary, deep dives, research; How-to zines, guidebooks, ma zines, primers, 101, DIY, re-use, hobbies, shop talk; bikes, gardening, health, action, squatting, brewing, baking, making

Group Zines & Collabs
A zine collecting pieces/articles/essays by multiple authors, compilations, anthology zine, theme zines. Community zines, workshop zines, zines with calls for submissions, zines with editors, almost-magazines, zine collabs between artists.

Political Zines
Zines dealing with issues of oppression, activism, labour, organizing, protest, political identity, the Man, intersectionality, freedom, democracy, voting, feminism, anti-racism, queer struggles, political histories, Left vs. Right, street action, people’s defense, and resistance

Art by you, art by others. Drawings, Paintings, portfolios, illustration, compilations, sketchbook zines, photozines, collage. Non-sequential graphic zines. Xeroxperimental, silkscreen, Risograph, mimeo, woodcut and other printing projects. Design. conceptual, low-fi.

Creative writing zines, poetry, stories, flash fiction, genre, novellas, plays, novel serializations. Journals, chapbooks, micro-press. Literary experiments, vispo, post-literature, concrete poetry, kids lit, conceptual writing, erotica, literary criticism, humour