Calls for Submissions feat. Bands Killed by Mansplaining

Bands Men Have Ruined For Me

Type: Zine
Pay: Not a paid opportunity, but all contribs will receive free mailed copies of the zine upon completion.
Who: Female-identifying and non-binary folks
What: “A zine that will collect stories about bands/musicians/artists/genres men have explained and mansplained and subsequently ruined for female-identified and non-binary people since the beginning of time itself  – at parties, at band practice, on the bus, in bed, at recess, on the internet, etc etc etc”
Submissions: 500 words maximum. Submissions accepted across any and all social media channels.
Deadline: February 14

Peach Velvet Mag

Type: Zine
Pay: “Not yet. We’re working on it.”
Submissions: The theme is molt (v.) to shed, drop, change, become anew, and/or otherwise make room for new growth. This theme can be interpreted in whatever way means most to you. Submit poetry, flash fiction, art/photography, and anything in between that’s 750 words or less.
Deadline: February 15


Type: Zine
Theme: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Pay: Contributors will receive a hard copy and a digital copy to do with as they wish (share, sell, etc).
Who: Marginalized voices prioritized.
Submissions: Art, poetry and prose about all things OCD, including works about symptoms, treatment, self-care, coping, stigma, ableism, fetishization, media representations, activism, education, impact on relationships, intersectionality, positive experiences, etc. Submissions should be 1-3 pages, sized to 8½x5½.
Deadline: January 31
Questions/submissions: [email protected]

Three Fates Press

Type: Zine
Theme: Water. “The concept came from the idea of the bath/shower as a space of escape or repose from the stresses of life. Sub themes include bathing, lighthouses, mythical sea creatures, solitude, the moon, water as a reflective surface, islands.” Click here for more on the theme.
Submissions: Prose, poetry, illustrations are welcome, with guidelines and prompts provided for each.
Deadline: February 14

jms books

Type: Queer small press seeking LGBTQ romance fiction. Can be erotic or sweet romance.
Pay: Authors earn 50% royalties on all sales.
Submissions: Stories will be released as individual ebooks with unique covers. Stories should be 12,000 words and up, but the ideal word count is between 20,000 and 90,000 words. Submissions over 40,000 words must include a chapter-by-chapter synopsis.
Deadline: jms books currently has three special call-outs for submissions. All are for adult LGBTQ romances, but have different themes:
January 31 — Opposites Attract
(Stories must involve opposites in some way who are attracted to each other despite their differences.)
February 28 — Ride ‘Em Cowboy … or Cowgirl
(At least one main character must be a cowboy or cowgirl.)
March 31 — What’s Your Sign?
(The romance must somehow involve astrology or horoscopes.)

Flash Fiction Magazine

Type: Flash fiction
Selected stories get $40 (USD)
Fees: Can submit one story for free per month. Writers who desire in-depth feedback on their story have the option to do “Priority Submissions,” which cost $30. Paid options don’t entitle you to publication.
Submissions: Previously unpublished fiction stories that have a plot and are between 300 and 1,000 words.
Deadline: Accepting stories all year.

Shantih Journal – Social Justice Issue

Type: Magazine
Pay: Not listed
Submissions: Art, photograph, poetry, diction, nonfiction. flash-prose and other work that emphasizes our current political moment and crises. Themes to consider: politics, social justice, human rights. “We are looking for work that ranges from the subtle to the overt, but which expresses the pain and strife caused by the obvious barriers confronting all those who seek personal, communal, national, and global peace in an atmosphere that glorifies selfishness, greed, violence, supremacy, and domination of the powerful over the weak.”
Deadline: May 4

Seeking submissions? Email your call-out to [email protected].