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Comic, Claudio Ghirardo (author), 12 pages, [email protected]
caioIts not Botox but just the same, the main dude in Caio gives his face some updates and looks way weirder for it. A great set-up for this short biographical comov, built around creator Claudio Ghirardo’s self-defined middle-aged angst. There’s no real action and that’s totally the point. Instead, there are some musings and some real-time aging as Ghirardo talks about floating through life. Perhaps aimlessly but maybe with purpose? Things get self referential at times since part of Caio is a comic about making comics. The main dude/Ghirardo seems fairly pissed the whole time but its a benign garden-variety pissed rather than anything that could be dangerous to he or his. As for the drawings, they have style and work well in their minimalism. Limbs are wobbly and dude never does get a nose but maybe this is all a parallel for a life led, slinging comics and sending ’em in to Broken Pencil to be reviewed. Mission accomplished on the latter and hope Ghirardo keeps at it. (Cam Gordon)

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