Deathmatch Finals Week Day 2 Recap

We are almost halfway through the final week of the 2017 Indie Writers Deathmatch. Currently, P.D Walter’s Sick to Death of Stories is leading in votes, with almost double the amount of Susan Read’s Failure to Cooperate. Supporters of Read – fear not! You can vote once every hour.

Have you read both stories left in the running? If you have already and you’re itching for something else to read, there’s been more than enough literary action happening on the comment board. The comment section this week has been pretty positive and relaxed this week, which has fostered loads of creativity.

Inspired by the poems of the prior days, Susan Read takes a chance and writes some rhymes of her own.

P.D Walter took the opportunity to deviate from poetry and write some flash fiction! Check out THE ENCHANTED FOREST (NOT SO ENCHANTING) here. While you’re at it, be sure to participate in the comment board and maybe write up some fantastic flash fiction of your own!

Are you on Twitter? Use the #bpdeathmatch hashtag on Twitter to win a one-year subscription to the magazine. The end date of this frisky competition approaches rapidly! Voting ends Sunday February 26th at midnight, so be sure to participate and show your support while you still can.