Deathmatch Quarterfinals Day 2 Recap: The ReBloodening

Well, it was bound to happen. The Deathmatch 2017 commenters have uncovered the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE TRUTH about The Broken Pencil Deathmatch: there is a massive conspiracy afoot, led by none other than THE LIZARD PEOPLE. 

And it doesn’t stop there. The Lizard People, working in conjunction with The Reverse Vampires, have been voting like crazy in The Deathmatch and only YOU can stop this unholy Lizard People/Reverse Vampire alliance! You must vote, my friends! Vote like the wind!

Eight stories remain: The Very Last Mr. Jones by Hege Lepri, Fogger by Vicky Savage, I Want You Around: True Tales of A Relationship in 10 Ramones Songs by Rachel Rosenberg, A Gun For Chekov by Wyatt McRae, Failure To Cooperate by Susan Read, Her Shadow’s Bones by Kaitlin Tremblay, The Illuminated Throat by Rob Onofrey, and Sick To Death of Stories by P.D. Walter.

Currently, Sick To Death of Stories has the highest vote count and is poised to be the first story in the Deathmatch to reach the One Thousand Votes milestone. This is bad news for The Illuminated Throat and fans of disembodied arms swimming around in tanks everywhere. (There’s a great scene in The Illuminated Throat where a disembodied arm gives a high five: a scene I can honestly say I’ve never seen anywhere else. That’s the kind of fresh new writing The Broken Pencil Deathmatch provides!)

BUT THIS THING AIN’T OVER, FOLKS! It’s not over by a long shot! The Quarterfinals go on all week long!  You can vote EVERY FREAKIN’ HOUR!  And don’t forget to leave comments: if people like your comments, you get MORE VOTING POWER!

The Deathmatch Quarterfinals end At One Second Til Midnight on Sunday Feb. 12th! That is, unless The Lizard People eat us all first!

Happy Deathmatching!