Friday Round-Up: Found on the Internet

A short and sweet round-up of what we read this week, mostly Tumblr because it’s like the hottest and laziest new art form around.

There’s the writerly Can Lit is Sexy: basically cheesy puns about Canadian writers and their book titles. (See directly to the left.)

Then Corporate Twits, documenting the sad tweets of people forced to manage corporate Twitter accounts, as well as the people who like to torment them.

And then there’s the completely unrelated but really funny FML Listings that documents the completely preposterous bubble Toronto’s real estate market is in.

Some sad news: one of Toronto’s oldest bookstores The Bookmark will bite the dust at the end of January. You should stop by before nothing but dusty dust jackets remain.

Oh, and bright and early tomorrow morn, upstart online mag Dragnet is launching it fourth issue on the internets. Then you can mosey over to their real-live launch party at the Academy of the Impossible in the evening for readings and more. Poster, with more details, below!