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For weeks now, activists, allies, and artists have answered a call for solidarity from the Wet’suwet’en nation. Their unceded lands are still being invaded and occupied by Canada’s militarized police to make way for a gas pipeline, but it’s clear that the pressure is having an effect. Trudeau’s hand is being forced as Indigenous people and allies continue to #ShutDownCanada and disrupt business as usual through solidarity actions such as rail and port blockades, office occupations, and dozens of massive demonstrations. Canada must soon face its genocidal foundations and its addiction to resource extraction above all.

The Unist’ot’en Camp have released a toolkit for supporters with clear suggestions about how to organize actions, come to the land as a protector, and build solidarity.

Of course, defending against a heavily armed and antagonistic state is not cheap — legal fees, increased food and shelter needs, sustained media mobilization and the oncoming spring thaw mean that direct donations to the Wet’suwet’en people may be the best way to do your part in this momentous struggle. Of course, skills can create new momentum for resources as well. Indigenous and settler artists have been putting using their craft to multiply their contribution, selling everything from patches and prints to tradition-steeped jewellery — all to raise profits and make larger donations. Some have even created an Artists In Solidarity Instagram page to coordinate efforts, while others open offerings within their own networks and communities.

There are tons of ways to help. If you want to make a donation but also support grassroots creative action, wear your solidarity, and build relationships of support with Indigenous artists, consider putting some dollars into some of the projects currently raising funds for the Wet’suwet’en struggle and related actions.

Annie Morgan

Whess Harman

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**SOLD OUT, RESTOCK EXPECTED LATE FEB** . u can still donate to the Unist'ot'en legal fund tho :3 . . Y'all, I made these for vanCAF but seeing as things have escalated I'm selling them now; they are $7.00 + shipping, available on my etsy. I will only be taking $1.30 from each sale to cover the individual production cost of each patch and the remainder will be donated to the Unist'ot'en legal fund. . I'm Carrier Wit'at; the Wet'suwet'en are my neighbours and as a young person many of their members played a huge role in taking care of me while I lived on their territory. Our community has always been at odds with the RCMP and as a community along Highway 16, we have collectively continued to face devastating loses of women, girls, two-spirits and youth through the systemic violence of colonial rule. The canadian state and their actions are another blow on people who have been enduring heartbreaking losses for far too long. It has more than hurt to watch this shameful conduct and to be so far away from my home. But there is work to do here too. Mussi cho, everyone who has chosen to join and support solidarity actions. . The Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs have chosen to enact their laws. I chose to stand with them. . . residents of MUSQUEAM, TSLEIL-WATUTH and SQUAMISH ancestral territories: I have 30 patches available for in-person purchases; meet me at the actions, during the work. . I have ordered more, so if you miss out, don't worry 🙂 . #nopipelines #landback #wetsuwetenstrong #wetsuweten #decolonize #unistoten #defendtheyintah

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“Land Back : Snapshots of the Future” beaded patch. Beaded on red pellon with red edging to acknowledge that the man camps that come with natural resource development are directly linked to our missing and murdered women. Violence against the land is violence against the people. This patch Will be available through the fundraiser with 100% of funds raised going to support the legal fund for land protectors on the front lines of Wet’suwet’en. Go follow them so you don’t miss it when it’s posted. Add it to your denim jacket and start taking the land back 🔥 #landback #wetsuwetenstrong #alleyesonwetsuweten #reconciliationisdead #shutdowncanada #beadwork #beadedpatch #nativebeadwork #nativeart #strongresilientindigenous #mikmaq

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Sweetgrass & Sage

Anna Leone

Northern Oak Designs

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I started drawing and carving a couple of days ago and finally started handprinting these today. The clock is ticking as Wet'suwet'en people face the threat of invasion and police brutality on their own unceded territory. According to Canada the police have permission to use lethal force in order to allow water and land polluting industry onto their land. The UN says otherwise. People are living here. Families are living here. There is a healing center where people are also living. They urgently need all the support they can get. Block prints can be purchased through the link in my bio. To read more about the Wet'suwet'en and learn more about all of the ways you can support and offer mutual aid (please do learn more if you aren't up to date) visit and follow @gidimten_checkpoint _ ID: block print of a human heart with the words "LOVE AS IN LAND BACK" _ #wetsuweten #wetsuwetenstrong #unistoten #unistotencamp #notresspass #turtleisland #decolonize #landback #solidarity #liberation #collectiveliberation #revolution #freedom #justice #mutualaid #accomplice #landdefenders #waterprotectors #waterislife #nopipelines #cleanwater #waterissacred #revolt #riseup #uncededterritory #justintrudeau #whitesupremacy #settlercolonialism #indigenoussovereignty #humanrights

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Jay Demicah Designs

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all i want for valentine’s day 💘💘💘

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Perry Rath

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I created this linocut print in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary chiefs struggle for rights and title for their territory, where I reside as a settler ally. There are several variations with ink and paper colours- check my page for more. Proceeds from the sales will go to the legal fund for Unistot’en, Gidimt’en and Laksamishyu clans. Original size is 3"x4". DM me to order originals at $10 each plus shipping. To order larger high-quality reproductions go here: or for images on a variety of other products (stickers, phone cases, mugs, t-shirts, etc) go here: Thank you!! Mis'iyh! . . . #wetsuwetenstrong #wetsuweten #unistotencamp #unistoten #gidimten #landdefenders #shutdowncanada #alleyesonwetsuweten #indigenous #indigenoussolidarity #decolonization #settlersupport #ally #wetsuwetenfree #solidarity #landback #riseup #humanrights #waterprotectors #reconciliation #indigenousrights #nopipelines #indigenousland #thetimeisnow #canada #bc #hereditary #legacy #indigenousrightsnow @gidimten_checkpoint

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