‘Satanic Feminism’ explores ways to actively hex the worst parts of society

Satanic Feminism

Political Zine, S. Katz, Prettyboizines.com, $6.66

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Risograph printing! I’m a sucker for it, and I know many others are too. It just looks and feels so nice to hold… sigh.

Thus, I fell in love very easily with S. Katz’s zine, with its gorgeous cover with Gothic typography and Riso ink’s signature richness. Did I mention that the art on the front is a weird wonderful alien-like creature with the words “fuck off” in their eyes?

The topic of discussion, however, is unfamiliar to me. I know about Satanism and I know about feminism, but this is my first time engaging with the ways they come together. Thankfully, Katz does this beautifully.

There’s a rich mix of information and play. There are references to other resources as well as lists of hexes and black magic to use in your life to fight against all the worst parts of society. The zine covers a lot of topics, especially since both these concepts cover so much.

Katz discusses patriarchy, self-love, magic, racism, and more, which is a lot for one zine. However, it’s well-written, witty and intermixes with more relaxed ways of approaching these topics. It makes the zine easy to approach for anyone who is curious but uncertain about either or both ideologies and provides an excellent introduction.