Zine Awards 2019 Nominees

BP Zine Awards Presenting Sponsor: Langara Publishing

The nominees for this year’s Zine Awards are here!

After careful deliberations, we are excited to announce the nominees for each category for the Zine Awards 2019!

Over the next weeks, our judges will take the task of picking a winner in each category. Jenn Woodall will judge the Artzine, Comic, and Fanzine categories; Rasiqra Revulva will judge the Litzine and Literary Microjournal categories; and Anand Vedawala will deliberate on the Perzine, Compilation, and Political zine categories.

The winners of each category were announced publicly at Canzine Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario on September 14.


Sponsored by Opus Art Supply

  • 31 Days of Narcissism by Enas Satir

31 Days of Narcissism by Enas Satir (Toronto, Ontario)

Coping with a Downwards Spiral by Dee Geyser (Western Cape, South Africa)

From Toe to Head by Kaylyn Kemp (Western Cape, South Africa)

Moving Parts by Evan Brien (Calgary, Alberta)

3 by Chieh Lin (Toronto, Ontario)

Distance 33 cm to Memory by Xiaoxiao Li (Toronto, Ontario)

Comic Zines

Sponsored by Seneca College

  • Octopus and Lamb by Holly English

Octopus and Lamb by Holly English (New South Wales, Australia)

Off White #20: Adultings by AHK (Hurst, Texas)

Dreamscapes by Maryam Patel (Toronto, Ontario)

The Purpose by Kimberly Edgar (Dawson City, Yukon)

My Troubles with Crumb (Part 2) by Matt MacFarland (Los Angeles, California)

Mind Fucked by Dan Waily (Jacksonville, Florida)

Compilation Zines

Sponsored by Seneca College

  • “FOOD” ed. by David Hugel

“FOOD” by David Hugel (Tigard, Oregon)

MENTAL by Alice Kidney (London, UK) 

Seagery: Closing the Distance by Katrina Vera Wong (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Plumbago Magazine, Issue 4: the Creative Nonfiction & Memoir Issue by Andy Welfie (San Francisco, California)

Deliria by Luis R. Ruiz (Ciudad de México, Mexico)

Raw Cooked Rotten by Sterling College (Craftsbury Common, Vermont)

South London Review of Hand Dryers by Wedgley Snipes (Port St Mary, Isle of Man UK)


Sponsored by Kitty on Fire Records 

  • Basic Pope #1 by Charlie and Asa

Basic Pope #1 by Charlie and Asa (Toronto, Ontario)

Queer as Uranus by Zines by AI (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

Girls, on Film: The Food Issue (Issue #4) by Janene Scelza and Stephanie McDevitt (Falls Church, Virginia)

It’s All Right by Liina Koivula (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The First And Last Time I Saw The Clash (in the U.S.A.) by Andrew S. Guthrie (Lamma Island, Hong Kong)

Music Men Ruined For Me by Alison Lang (Toronto, Ontario)


  • SHE THING by Anna Elise Anderson

SHE THING by Anna Elise Anderson (Nashville, Tennessee)

Why Is That Child Shaking So Much? by Tyde Cambridge (Toronto, Ontario)

Boys by the Lake by Wrigley (Itasca, Illinois) 

Speak. by The Hoochie Media Project (Boston, Massachussetts)

Wallop, Issue One by Meredith Mason and Sarah Venaccio (Appleton, Wisconsin)

Stories from the Soviet Union Extended Edition by Emily Fay Fin and Alec Fin (Toronto, Ontario)

Literary Microjournals

  • ArabLit Quarterly: THE STRANGE by M Lynx Qualey

ArabLit Quarterly: THE STRANGE by M Lynx Qualey and Hassân Almohtasib (Rabat, Morocco)

Pulp Kings #2 (Micro Literary Journal) by Stray Books (Calgary, Alberta)

Gravitas (Vol. 18 Issue 2) by Andrew Lafleche (Eganville, Ontario)

Sunday Night Black & White – Issue #3 by The Sunday Night Bombers (Burlington, Ontario)

Tilde: A Literary Journal ~ (Issue 3) by Thirty West Publishing House (Norristown, Pennsylvania)


Sponsored by Langara Publishing

  • Proof I Exist #28 by Billy McCall

Proof I Exist #28 by Billy McCall (Baltimore, Maryland)

Clumsy #12 by Agatha Thrash (Bloomington, Indiana)

Memento Mori by Jillian Sandell (Joshua Tree, California)

Trauma Castle 4: Just some feelings to process by Billy Starfield (Montreal, Quebec)

Five Stages of Grieving a Living Loved One by RefriedZines (Vancouver, British Columbia)

adoleSINSce: apologies to God, my parents, & everything else i do not deserve by Cindy Xin (Albany, California)

Political Zines

  • Satanic Feminism + the Witchcraft of Fem Resistance by Pretty Boi Zines

Satanic Feminism + the Witchcraft of Fem Resistance by Pretty Boi Zines (San Francisco, California)

My Gender is Not a Costume (Except When It Is) by Zines by Al (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

Kezan & Why They Are Bad For You by Enas Satir (Toronto, Ontario) 

One Year on T: On Non-Binary Sex & Transition by Sage P. Irwin (Peterborough, Ontario)

God’s Vagina 2 by Courtney Toderash (Toronto, Ontario)