BP Zine Awards Nominees 2021

Zine Awards 2021 Nominees

Congratulations to our finalists in the 2021 Broken Pencil Zine Awards! Our guest judges are currently diving into this incredible spread of self-published gems. To every zinester who submitted (and every zinester that didn’t), thank you. As a community, our work is needed today and tomorrow, even more than it was yesterday. We see that you’re stepping up to this moment and buckling down to do your thing with the power of paper and ink.


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Loose Ideas #1 by Ash Beyer (Chicago IL)
The Good Meat by Petranella Davies (Victoria, BC) [digital only] Queer Masses #2 by Sarah Evenson (Minneapolis, MN)
Just Because Someone Owns You by McKaley S Meyer (Portland, OR)
A Brown Bear by Anthony Hodgson (Glendale, CA)
Cut Women by China Marsot-Wood (Montréal, QC)
Diaspora Daughter/Diaspora Dyke by Christina Hajjar (Winnipeg, MB)
Cross Sea Hum by Erica Wilk (Vancouver, BC)

Comic Zines

Brained by Oliver Hart Jenkins (Philadelphia, PA)
Endsickness by Sofia Alarcon (Halifax, NS)
An Affliction of the Eyes by Blaise Moritz (Toronto, ON)
Feeling Small Today by Sarah Firth (Brunswick East, NJ)
It’s an Unhappy Day for Many Reasons by Kirsten Carina Geißer and Ines Christine Geißer (Kassel, Germany)
Slow Heal by Stellan Tobias (Richmond Hill, ON)
The Northern Gaze by Kim Edgar  (Dawson City, Yukon)
I Don’t Want to be Famous by Az Sperry (Minneapolis, MN)
Horses by Archie Sarjeant (Calgary, AB)


Ageless by Asa Berezny (Toronto, ON)
Good Chicken by Natalie Mark (Winnipeg, MB)
The Four Muses by Ellie Anglin (Kitchener ON)
The Drifting Cry Room by Nick Bernal (San Diego, CA)
Vivian Girls Forever Lindsey Bryan (Cleveland, OH)
Fuzz #3 by Kat Cade (Cleveland, OH)

Group zines

Work + Leisure edited by Liina Koivula and Kaden Jelsing  (Woodinville, WA)
Sacred Land: Diné Supporters Network by Kuwa Jasiri Indomela (Pahrump, NV)
Hungry Zine by Kathryn Lennon and Kyla Pascal (Edmonton, AB)
Queering Friendships by J Wu (Oakland, CA)
Fem Static #7 by Charissa Lucille (Phoenix, AZ)
Fertile Dreams by Women.Weed.WiFi (Portland, OR)


The Young Ajooma’s Guide to Self Care by Gina Kim (Fort Lee, NJ)
The Wellspring of our Potential by EA Douglas (Vancouver, BC)
Fugitive Gardens by Claire Tuna (Brooklyn, NY)
Who Am I? By Mary Barba (Danvers, MA)
Tracing Chinatown by Charmain Wong (Toronto, ON)
DIY Car Repairs for People Who Know Nothing About Car Repairs (Expanded) by Adroit Automotive Empowerment (Toronto, ON)


The Lycans by Trevor Dallas Little (Washington, DC)
Chess Game by Meghan Romano (Surrey, BC)
Range by Katie Borak (Portland, OR)
Dark Paths that Cloud the Eyes by Will Dee (Denver, CO)
Human Remains by O. Ashby (Victoria, BC)
Hippocamp by Miles Forrester (Toronto, ON)


Stories That Go Nowhere by Graham Cooling (Lincoln, UK)
Kinogram #1: Uncle Jerry by S.A. Mukherji (Ithaca, NY)
GLXTCH #5 by Lana C Marilyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Strange and Mysterious Creatures: Blue Issue by EA Douglas (Vancouver, BC)
What’s So Funny About Being A Female Electrician? By Kahla Lichti (Victoria, BC)
I Could’ve Killed Alex Jones by Mark Cunning (Kihei, Hawaii)


Political Zines

Sick of It! By Matilda Sabal (Brooklyn, NY)
Zine from the Future Describing the End of Civilization by John Dishwasher (Murrieta, CA)
Harvest Garden by Meegan Lim (Brampton, ON)
Disaster Lesbian #1 by Petranella Dabiel (Victoria, BC)
Trans/Disabled Bibliography by Saul Freedman-Lawson (Toronto, ON)
How to Talk to Welli About Goya by Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos (New York, New York)


Ultra #6 by Ultra
Fierce Together: Seed Edition by kuwa jasiri indomela (Pahrump, NV)
Tough Year/Making the Best of It by Sierra Barnes (Arlington, VA)
Through the Subway Gates by Maitane Romagosa (Brooklyn, NY)
Frantic Fanfic by Zeekayart (Toronto, ON)Quarantine Zine by Jenn Steffey (San Diego, CA)