Zine Review: The Tinder Diaries

cov2The Tinder Diaries
Comic, #1, Zelina Datu and Kerry Xu, gumroad.com, $5

The Tinder Diaries #1 is an accurate portrayal of the several oddities involved with Tinder dating, and interacting with someone who you chose to meet based on an entirely superficial understanding of who they are. Throughout Zelina’s first date with Keir, she interprets everything he does as a reflection of who he is— from high-fiving a slam poet after her performance to his body language. The zine also reflects how the electronic side of a Tinder relationship isn’t guarded from this overthought. Malina, one of Zelina’s friends, is shown reading into his texts, and Zelina recounts his Facebook friend request sent to a girl they met at the bar on their date. Finally, the zine recounts the most essential aspect of Tinder dating; Tinder dates can be easily replaced with just two mutual right swipes. Ultimately, I think that the zine accurately portrays the discomfort of Tinder dating in a relatable way while remaining interesting and entertaining. (Rachel Davies)