creative kin collaboration creates a sizzling fire through music


creative kin collaboration

winter bundle / pipon mâmawipicikêmaskiyhkiya


These spoken-word recordings from the Two-Spirit community, podcasters, and Indigenous Elders are assembled for a timely purpose: to offer “medicine and comfort for spirit, minds and bodies.” Métis community artists Moe Clark and Moon (it’s unclear who or what Moon refers to) weave together this two-hour-long collection with a sparse, unintrusive sonic ambiance that brings Caribou’s Start Breaking My Heart to mind. The clicks and pops of the music pair seamlessly with natural sounds that dwell in the interviews, like a sizzling fire in one that mimics a record’s crackles and hisses. Clark’s collected stories of caring and self-care are a welcome balm — a temporary escape into lives that are probably very different from your own.