Fickle Muses: An online journal of myth and legend

Fickle Muses is a stunning online literary and arts journal that draws inspiration from myth and legend. It has a strong penchant for marrying beautiful contemporary turns of phrase with ancient mythology and tradition, and features writers that have a distinct ability to immediately connect with readers. Fragile lines and strong imagery weave trails that make it all too tempting to get lost exploring this site. In “To Orpheus,” for example, Bertha Rogers writes, “Just before daybreak we go slack/less permanent than the bird/the cat’s curled claw…” Andrea Potos cultivates hyper real fascinations in “From His Ribs,” writing, “I learned how the first woman was sculpted from his ribs/Some days, in a certain slant of light, I see the angle of his bone in my face.” A different writer is featured each week with new selections posted on Sundays, which makes for an ever- evolving online journal that will surely continue to draw its strengths from substance and sparkle. (Liz Worth)