Michael DeForge’s inspired massacre of the human form populates these gloriously revolting 16 pages of “gags.” His work drips like Dali and plays with perspective like Picasso, but is filtered through the eyes of the contemporary comic artist. Pretty nifty stuff, really. But what tips this collection over the edge is its ash-black humour, manifested in the juicy juxtaposition of grisly art with irreverent one-liners. One choice illustration depicts a mutant female form cutting off her hand with a butcher’s knife, accompanied by “But Lindsay’s dad said he could drive us there.” Well played, DeForge. I don’t want to give away any more choice compositions — which vary from distinctly human forms to piles of confounded biomass — but I will say that this is a devious treat of a zine. Pick it up in physical format, or view it in free digital form at (Michael Tau)

Comic, Michael DeForge