Magical Almanac

Bob Makransky’s Magical Almanac is a free, monthly ezine “for thoughtful, intelligent people who are seeking something deeper than the usual New Age – astrological fare.” But it’s not inherently about astrology, nor is it about paganism or wicca or any one specific subject or belief, but actually about getting beyond belief systems. There is some heavy reading in this almanac, and it’s the kind of thing that you should probably set aside time and energy to get through. Makransky lists planetary cycles and positions for readers who want to plan their lives in “harmony with cosmic events.” Don’t expect this to be a spaced out trip that can be likened to what you’ll read in those religious pamphlets that the guy preaching on the street corner hands out every weekend. Makransky’s monthly almanac is a detailed read that is a must see for those who aren’t satisfied with their daily generic horoscope. (Liz Worth)