‘Meat and Bone’ dares you to face your deepest insecurities

Meat and Bone
Kat Verhoeven, 340 pgs, Conundrum Press, conundrumpress.com, $25

We all deal with insecurity and heartache in our own way. Maybe it’s not always the healthiest way, the smartest way or the most fashionable, but it gets dealt with… mostly.

Kat Verhoeven’s Meat and Bone collects a webcomic that follows the lives of three woman trying to sort their shit out.

Through a kaleidoscope of colours, Kat Verhoeven takes you on a journey like no other. She shows you your deepest insecurities and dares you to face them. Whether it be the need to define your sexuality, address a mental illness, or find a place in a city that’s trying to swallow you whole.

While the writing stimulates your mind, it’s the artwork that will sweep you deep into this world. Each page is masterfully crafted, pushing the reader deeper into the storyline and its subplots. Even some of the best graphic novels have a few lacklustre panels, but no such thing exists here.

Meat and Bone is the definition of “more than.” It will give until you become as fearless as our three heroines — flawed as they may be.