One Plus One Equals Window

litzine, Pseudonym, The Spontaneous Prose Store IG: @pseudonymsays

One Plus One Equals Window is a collection of excerpts of Leah’s (pseudonym: Pseudonym) writing and visual art. There are no capital letters or headings, so it’s difficult to tell when a new piece of writing starts.

Leah isn’t an explicit writer, but she isn’t ambiguous either. It’s a pretty good mix of interesting things said in interesting ways. In one untitled excerpt, she laments that someone close to her has passed away, and reflects on how it has changed how she sees life: “You have so many years ahead of you, they say. They grow from your chest like an arrow pointing out years of possibility in your life. Mine kick anti-clockwise ninety degrees and suddenly those years are crushing down on me.” Death hasn’t brought her an appreciation for the years of life ahead. Rather, it’s made her realize how short her life really is, that the years aren’t counting up, they’re counting down. Life isn’t a stopwatch, it’s a timer, and we’re not sure when the beeper is going to go off.