Super Deformed

I understand that people find love for certain genres of films and want to share their views on what they saw, but Super Deformed Issue #3 reads like this: I was given a movie review zine to read. Then I started to read it on the subway. Then I stopped halfway in the middle to eat. Then I continued reading. This Horror/Suspense movie review zine starts off with an introduction and very general description of where you can buy each film that is reviewed (ie fleamarkets, stores, the internet). Unfortunately, you don’t have to see the movies after reading his scene by scene, short sentence spoliers. Unless his readers want every movie ending handed to them, he should learn to sum up the plot without giving away the entire story. After each walkthrough there is a quick summary of his thoughts and other works by the director. The worst thing about Super Deformed is that the print is microscopic and uncomfortable for the eyes. His tape is just as aggrivating. Slow strums of two chords on the guitar with vocals that are barely audible. I don’t know if this package is supposed to be a joke, but if it is, it’s not funny and I recommend saving your $10 bucks. (Robert Lines)

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