Swoon Saloon

The authors use a lot of stream-of-consciousness collaborative storytelling here, which tends to bog this zine down. However, other sections like the short botanical guide to seed germination, complete with illustrations, and the comparison of animal and human brains were both appealing. The colour centerfold is a collage built from trophy shots of dead deer, several images of a model, satyr-women having sex and some informative text about earthworms. I think this zine is aiming to provoke, but it’s not pushing all the way in any of the directions it heads towards. The lack of focus left things hard to interpret. I’m still not sure what to do about this centerfold, and am trying to avoid obvious connections to ‘woman as trophy object hunted by man’, hoping that they were aiming for something more interesting and just didn’t quite make it there. (Sarah Pinder)

zine, issue #2, [email protected]