Issue two marks the San Franciscan Xploited zine’s tribute to public restrooms, and what we get is a collection of short pieces from a diverse array of contributors. As a result, the quality varies wildly throughout the zine. The subject matter here includes everything from restroom reviews to toilet photography, and even a couple of bawdy sex stories (yes, in a zine about washrooms). While there are definitely some inspired moments here (Herbert Morgan’s excruciating real-life thriller and Derek Lau’s ironic take on male wish-fulfillment-cum-misogyny come to mind), editor Kathleen Neves’ style sometimes seems a bit too inclusive, and a significant portion of this zine is essentially skippable. Still, Xploited’s fun-loving tone offers a nice break from the stacks of pretentious litzines out there, and this is certainly one of the most accessible zines I’ve come across. (Michael Tau)

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