2018 Zine Awards: Best Artzine

Dream Zine
Lily Kosmicki
(Denver, Colorado)


Artzines can be many things. They may be a collection of illustrations or photos, like finalist Bajito Y Suavecito, or they may openly toy with the form of the zine itself — like Christopher Savage’s Traces (Fragment), which folds out into a stunning papercut spread.

The winner of this year’s Artzine category, though, is a classic collage zine, bringing together words and imagery in unexpectedly charming and innovative ways. The level of care in Lily Kosmicki’s Dream Zine is palpable.

“This zine feels like a fever dream expanding your consciousness, using collages to collect and represent people’s dreams,” said Cole Pauls, last year’s Broken Pencil Zine Awards winner and a judge in this year’s contest.

Dream Zine is a collection of dreams stolen from or given freely by friends, family, strangers, acquaintances, and even a few of my owns,” explains Kosmicki. “I then comb through old newspapers and books to collage the images, waiting till I find the perfect image that matches the dream. I have a substantial collection of dreams and I house them in the zine as an incubator for their care and protection.

“If you love something or care about something or have something to say or are interested in something, make a zine,” she says. “Zines are the perfect medium of creative expression because they can be about anything and made by anyone.”

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Bajito y Suavecito **BP Zine Awards 2018 Nominee**

Bajito y Suavecito
Luz Magdaleno Flores
(Chicago, Illinois)
Moonrise **BP Zine Awards 2018 Nominee**

Mitchell Keys
(London, Ontario)

Homes I Cannot Afford zine **BP Zine Awards 2018 Nominee**

Homes I Cannot Afford
Nikki Papp
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Creatures You Meet in the Fog
Joyce Shin
(North York, Ontario)

Traces (Fragment)
Christopher Savage
(Calgary, Alberta)

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