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2018 Zine Awards: Best Compilation Zine

Deadass Tho NYC, Vol. 2
Edited by Travis Hewitt-Roach and Daisy S Ruiz
(Brooklyn, New York)

Last year, the Broken Pencil Zine Awards only offered five categories for consideration. Yet, our panel of esteemed judges — overwhelmed by anthologies and compilations — struck out and made a new award category: the Compilation Zine!

And they were right to do so. We got tons of submissions in this category, from zines that were the result of a workshop series, to sleek literary and photo anthologies, to risograph collaborations. And the winner, Deadass Tho NYC, Vol. 2, epitomized why a plurality of voices can sometimes be the absolutely necessary approach for a project. With a blend of comics, poetry, essays and other art, it strikes the perfect balance.“Reading this zine made me feel like I transported right into the middle of the Bronx!” said judge Monica Trinidad. “The fresh, straight-shooting, compilation of art, comics, and short stories highlighted the ominous gentrification of NYC neighbourhoods (‘Unsanitary’ cracked me up), and the pangs of being young girls in a big city. This zine felt like a glimpse into how young people of colour are coping through art-making, and I wish more zines like this were created, uplifted, and valued.”

“My first experience with zines was at a local zine event held in my home borough the Bronx, NY back in the winter of 2016,” explains Daisy Zamora, one of the zine’s co-editors. “The first zine I purchased there was titled Cell Series, a fold-out zine with pictures of El Paso, Texas, by Itzel Alejandra Martinez. The loose format and self-published expression struck me as powerful and independent, and allowed me to create a platform for spotlighting New York-based artists.”

“I was thrilled to be nominated, particularly being a publication based in New York City, and being recognized all the way out in Toronto, Canada,” she adds.



Dear Journal, Issue 3
Laina Hughes & Dunja Kovacevic
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Emotional Magazine **BP Zine Awards Nominee**

Emotional Magazine
Una Di Gallo
(Stoney Creek, Ontario)

Happy If You Know It
With/out Pretend
(Toronto, Ontario)

From the Root, Issue 4: Home
Whitney French and Timaj Garad
(Toronto, Ontario)

Almost Everything But a Cat
Karolina Ficek
(Vaughan, Ontario)

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