Best Compilation Zine: Deliria

Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2019

Edited by Luis R. Ruiz (Mexico City, Mexico)

“I’m thankful for these queer stories and experiences from Mexico, a country the United States has violated and demonized for centuries,” reflects judge and 2018’s Best Overall Zine winner, Anand Vedawala, speaking to the winner of this category for zines which compile or anthologize a number of voices.

Deliria editor Luis R. Ruiz explains that “Mexico City is undergoing a major shift towards zine culture.” He told BP that the zine was one of a few key projects he wanted to do before confronting post-grad adulthood, and acts as a prelude to his drag debut.

Deliria is a very personal project because of the intimate testimonies it holds,” Ruiz explains. The zine’s subtitle proclaims its audience to be “queer folk, empowered queens, and the people who love them. ”

“At 96 pages, Deliria is large in scope and vision: it covers queerness, mental health and trauma. It reflects on the present with a tinge of disappointment and frustration, and looks to the future with hope,” Vedawala says.


With deep gratitude to the Compilation Zine Category Sponsor, Seneca College