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Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2019

ArabLit Quarterly: The Strange
Ed. M Lynx Qualey and Hassân Almohtasib (Rabat, Morocco)

The best part of the Zine Awards is getting to read works we are otherwise unlikely to find. ArabLit Quarterly, from Rabat, Morocco, is one such publication. “The kaleidoscope of works… are each striking in their individual depth and relative divergence,” says Zine Awards judge Rasiqra Revulva. “Visually, the issue is varied, lush, and engaging.”

The “microjournal” category is meant for pursuits that engage with the traditional lit journal model, yet remain DIY. Editor M Lynx says the award has indeed given the project new legitimacy, amongst mainstream peers and the underground set both.

“I have always loved zines, ever since the surreptitiously photocopied-at-your-dentist’s-office ones we made in the 90s. Uh, sorry Dr. Carl!” she laughs. “Thanks for keeping the light on for independent, lo-fi, lo-budget creators. It is greatly appreciated.”

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